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How to display different contents on different screens

2020-02-28 17:51:03 admin 23

How to display different contents on different screens

Alibaba Qianniu's user consultation: "how can computers display different contents on different screens? "

"How many screens do I need to split my computer into? If only one computer has two display screens, this kind of product only needs one set of wireless projection screen, and one expansion mode can be achieved. If it is divided into multiple screens, it needs to use multiple sets of devices and our multi screen interactive server. "

Computer split screen display

User: "give me a detailed explanation."

One computer, two screens

One machine with two screens mainly uses the extended projection mode of the device. At present, awind Qiji a series products only support Windows 7 system, and the general series [no matter what kind of windows system] can use awind Qiji wipg series products.

There is also a difference in operation mode:

The expansion mode of awind Qiji a series products: on win10 computer, win + P [quickly change the current projection mode], on the right side of the computer, there are [computer screen only], [copy], [expansion], [second screen only], four modes, choose to expand, at this time, the large screen [integrated machine, projector, LCD] is a blank screen.

Extension mode of awind Qiji wipg series products: during screen projection, enter settings - Advanced Settings - replace [image] with [Extension] in the operation interface, so that the computer can have two screens and the two computers can display different contents in separate screens.

15 screens do not interfere with each other

The screen of a computer is synchronously displayed on 15 display screens. Each screen can be operated independently to display different contents. In short, the content to be displayed is displayed on a specific screen. 15 sets of wireless screen equipment and multi screen interactive server of odd machine are needed.

One computer with multiple screens

Awind computer [computer one machine multi screen scheme] consists of:

1 multi screen interactive server, each screen is connected to each wireless screen box through HDMI cable, and can be built into the company's LAN. In short, users only need to connect the wireless screen boxes with the network cable, and the wireless screen box can be connected with the display screen through the HDMI cable to realize the demand of a computer wireless control multiple display screens for multiple screen interaction.

Later, I also quoted the price to the user, which made me very angry. The introduction lasted for more than two hours. Finally, the user said, "I have probably understood, but I need to report to the company." Angry...