Usage scenarios

Intelligent education, interactive classroom

Smart classroom is a classroom environment that highly integrates advanced teaching equipment and massive educational resources, supported by education cloud platform, guided by the teaching concept of "thinking visualization", realizes one-to-many interactive teaching, multi screen interactive group cooperative learning, situational teaching, and efficiently carries out various teaching and learning mode activities.

Smart conference, one button projection, wireless briefing

With the theme of "the smoothest new conference experience", Qiji company has exhibited a one button wireless conference briefing system, which will revolutionize the traditional conference form in the past. Equipped with "one button projection! Second speed switch! " Function. When the presenter presses the transmitter button, the briefing content can be transmitted to the projection screen. When another person is speaking, he or she only needs to touch the transmission button in front of him or her to switch to obtain the projection screen in seconds. Avoid the busy plugging process in the past. With the function of back control, the presenter can operate remotely on the projection screen, edit or write notes in real time, so as to avoid the inconvenience of back and forth operation between the screen and the notebook computer in the past, truly realize "plug and play", and improve the disorder of the conference room lines in the past through wireless transmission.

Home entertainment, enrich your digital life!

Now, many devices on the market have the function of "multi screen interaction", and the most commonly used one for users is just film and television projection. The images on mobile phones, tablets and other devices are projected onto the TV through wireless connection, greatly improving the viewing experience. Sometimes it's too small to watch TV with a mobile phone, even if it's a large screen mobile phone, it can't be compared with dozens of inch TV. Sometimes you need to put the photos and videos in your mobile phone on the TV, or you need to put the content on the large screen when you have a meeting, and you also need the function of "putting the screen".